Helping Your Friends or Loved ones From Addictions Through Drug rehabilitation

Helping Loved Ones


It is a devastating experience to watch friends or loved ones ravaging from drug addiction, finding them help and getting them into drug rehabilitation is important. This is because drug addiction is a disease that does not only affect the addict but also entire family and friends. It is therefore imperative to get help for friends or loved ones suffering from drug addiction through drug rehabilitation.  The first step of helping your friends or loved ones from the pangs of addiction is getting knowledge of addiction as a disease. This will help you to understand what they could be going through. Though you should not condone their addiction, knowledge of their status will enable you to be more compassionate and less bitter while helping them.  The second step is seeking intervention. You should start by explaining to the addicts the harm they are doing themselves and also their loved ones. For this to be more effective, you should seek for help from a professional Councillor who will give your loved one or friend details of the costs of drug addiction. Such intervention may convince the addict to enter in a drug rehabilitation program.

Drug Rehabilitation Optionsdrug rehabilitation


Drug rehabilitation may be done on inpatient or outpatient basis. If the addict opts for an outpatient program, your family and friends have a big role to play to ensure the safety of the addict while recovering. The family should continue to encourage the recovering addict and also being there for the loved one because of problems such as drugs and alcohol cravings and withdrawal. Family members should also refrain from taking any hard drug or alcohol in front of the recovering addict.



If the addict is admitted in a rehabilitation centre, the family also plays an important role. You should constantly encourage your loved ones through letters and also avail yourself for family counselling programs. Visiting your loved ones when allowed is also very essential. Furthermore, you should refrain from judging and condemning the addicts because of their current status.  To conclude, when the addicts start to regain their saneness after the drug rehabilitation, they may feel guilty and embarrassed of their drug behaviour. Therefore, your continued support is very crucial to help them regain their self esteem and confidence.